How To Cash Out VeVe Gems to USD After Selling NFT Digital Collectible

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If you’re one of many VeVe users who’ve bought low and sold high when it comes to digital collectibles, you’re probably wondering how you change those gems into currency and back into your bank account. While the process is still in the beta phase, the Payout feature is now in place.

What is the Payout Feature?

How to Use the Payout Feature

1. Log in to the VeVe web wallet

2. Complete KYC

3. Enter Payout Method

4. Request a Payout

Fees and Withdrawal Times


Restricted Countries

Why Don’t I have Access?

Can I Payout in Any Currency?

Changing Bank Details

Can I Request More Than One Withdrawal at a Time?

Issues with KYC

Fee Comparison

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