1st Edition Phoenix Digital Comic Drops Thursday March 9th on VeVe

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VeVe has done it again! Another first in digital comics with the first edition of Phoenix dropping Thursday March 9th at 8am PST.

Uncanny X-Men #101

The first appearance of Phoenix! The X-Men are re-entering Earth’s atmosphere aboard a crippled Starcore space shuttle with Jean Grey piloting the ship. But when they make a crash landing, Jean Grey is no more and Phoenix rises!

Important Note on Comic Delivery

During high traffic periods, such as a drop, the digital comic rarity will be known to you only after delivery to your collection, which may take 30–120 minutes.

Secondary Market Fees

As with all Marvel digital collectibles, a 6% licensor fee will be applied to Marvel sales in the secondary market in addition to the existing VeVe 2.5% secondary market fee.

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