OneCoin Fraud Founder Possibly Murdered by Mob | Drug Lord Implicated

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One Coin Fraud Founder

New documents suggest that infamous crypto scammer Ruja Ignatova, co-founder of the OneCoin fraud and one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, was murdered by a notorious drug lord as long ago as 2018. OneCoin, a Ponzi scheme that never launched a blockchain, ran from 2014 to roughly 2017, and allegedly fleeced victims of around $4 billion.

Though inconclusive, the new evidence would be consistent with prior hints that Ignatova and her fake crypto were entangled with organized crime. The story could also be a dire premonition of the danger facing other crypto scammers who may have dallied with high-level thugs – a group possibly including some of the most recognizable crypto-fraudsters of 2022.

Possible Mob Hit Ordered

According to the Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (BIRD), known drug lord Hristoforos ‘Taki’ Amanatidis may have ordered the murder of OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova.

Per the report, the murder may have taken place in 2018 aboard a yacht in the Ionian Sea, her body mutilated and thrown overboard.

BIRD bases the information upon documents it reportedly has viewed that contain an agent’s report on the matter. However, the report’s information is not authenticated and the details about Ignatova’s death appear to remain the subject of speculation.

Per BIRD, the documents were found at the home of a former top Bulgarian officer, Lyubomir Ivanov, after he was murdered last year. The documents reportedly say that the alleged details about Ignatova’s death came from a conversation with Georgi Georgiev Vasilev, Amanatidis’ brother-in-law, when he was intoxicated.

Ignatova remains on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list for “her alleged participation in a large-scale fraud scheme” that is “alleged to have defrauded billions of dollars from investors all over the world.”

In December, co-founder of the OneCoin $4 billion crypto pyramid scheme, Karl Sebastian Greenwood, pled guilty to money laundering and wire fraud charges. Ignatova is the alleged leader of the scam.

Greenwood and Ignatova launched OneCoin in 2014 and allegedly made false claims that OneCoin maintained a private blockchain.

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