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When first stumbling into the world of high frequency trading, the complicated jargon and unintuitive platforms are oftentimes a barrier for non-technical users to understand their workings. Luckily, with the increase in interest in blockchain technology around the world coupled with human nature to innovate, development teams around the world are creating platforms for novice and experienced users alike to trade cryptocurrencies in a simple manner. A web search for “best trading platform” yields nearly 383 million results. Yet, after diving into some of these results, one stumbles across a conglomerate of difficult-to-comprehend terminology, tools, and trading techniques incomprehensible for beginners. In a world that is so interconnected and education is so accessible, how is it possible that an integral aspect of the financial system is still unreachable for complete beginners?

Luckily, with the increase in interest in blockchain technology around the world coupled with human nature to innovate, development teams around the world are creating platforms for novice and experienced users alike to trade cryptocurrencies in a simple manner. Spectre.AI is leading this trend.

Spectre is an online financial trading site created with the vision of allowing anyone to trade assets in a fraud-free and broker-free manner. Amassing an impressive 140,000 traders, Spectre has created an ecosystem that enables users to trade simply while minimizing risk and complexity.

As opposed to traders betting on token price fluctuations, Spectre introduced a trading strategy by predicting crypto directions! Traders can bet whether they believe the next time period (minutes, hours, days, or even seconds) will have a general up or down price movement. At the time of writing, they offer trading on any normal currency pair, metals, a variety of digital assets (all the big names, with more DeFi and NFT focused tokens to come in the future), and equities across several global stock markets!

Spectre also introduced two new financial products that have been a wide success across the financial trading industry: EPICs and Reverse Futures. In short, EPICs are Spectre’s benchmark index of Euro-based currency pairs, completely traded through time. Reverse Futures are Spectre’s digital contracts on past global equities. Currently, their Reverse Futures offering supports Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Twitter, and a variety of Indian equities. Several more are set to launch soon. Reverse Futures allows traders to trade on real-world equities but from an historical point of view. The concept is to synthetically construct the price performance of strong assets from the past and streamed them forward in time. This idea, although a bit complex to understand at first, revolutionizes the financial trading sphere by creating a completely new way for traders to profit.

Another interesting feature Spectre offers is the several ways to structure trading accounts, namely on and off-site trades. Through on-site accounts, the trading funds are deposited into the account and are used to trade directly on the platform, similar to most other trading exchanges. This juxtaposes their other trading option, off-site accounts, which is a fully decentralized and broker-less trading option. In short, users don’t have to actually deposit as all trades are initiated by them through their cryptocurrency wallet whilst using the platform. All of these trades are stored on their underlying blockchain. Given blockchain’s inherently publicly distributed and open-source nature, these trades provide unprecedented levels of transparency to the trading platform while ensuring complete safety of client funds. Additionally, Spectre offers a DeFi boost wallet where traders can earn the highest staking rewards in the industry, both in blue-chips and the DeFi token of their choosing. In addition, coupled with their 24/7 no-fee and fully compliant trading, Spectre has a robust analytics page for everyone to review their past trades and understand their profits and losses.

Another interesting aspect of Spectre is their trading bays. Finance and gaming have long been industries that have not coincided. Yet, with Spectre’s introduction of trading bays, that is slowly changing. Trader’s Bay is an online store, built into the Spectre platform itself that offers many upgrades and privileges that users can subscribe to for a small daily cost to enhance their trading. These enhancements include charms and spells which increase payouts, trade allocations, and limits of open positions! Spectre is certainly a pioneer in this regard.

To understand further how Spectre works, th team (and authors of this report) dived into the platform to grasp exactly what is attracting Spectre’s massive user base. At first glance the team was very impressed with the intuitive layout of the platform and the ease of creating an account and KYC. One important thing to note, however, is that users with an IP address from the United States will not have access to the platform. After playing with the platform for a short while went into the orders page to analyze how performance was. The presentation of each trade was impeccably detailed, featuring the exact timing each action was done, entry and exit prices, sources, amongst a variety of other data points. After years of experience across a variety of trading platforms, concluded Spectre’s reporting of past trades was an experience unlike any other. Plans are already underway to experiment with their hyper-API, which allows developers to build automated trading robots, applications and trading interfaces that interact with the Spectre platform.

All in all, Spectre is certainly a game-changer platform creating a new paradigm in high frequency trading through accessibility and a suite of trading tools. In fact, Forbes India called Spectre “India’s Robinhood!” Ultimately, the next generation of financial tools will be led by Spectre’s efforts. Through security, ease-of-use, and financial tools unique to their platform, Spectre is redefining HFT one trade at a time.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence


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