Ethical Crypto & NFT Charity Fund For Green Housing & Technology Entrepreneurs

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Green housing has come a long way in a short time. Solar panels have never been more affordable, water reclamation is easier than ever, and even rooftop gardening seems to have taken off in recent years. These are promising developments, especially if the environment is at the top of your mind.

None of that could’ve been accomplished without capital, though. With that in mind, MyUSA Local has launched their new Affordable Homes NFT collection to provide publicity and financial support to promising eco-entrepreneurs.

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The individuals supported by this collection are building eco-friendly technologies, and green housing to those in need. Funds raised through the sale of these digital assets will go in part to the project’s partners, who will in turn provide material and promotional support for emerging clean energy and sustainable housing projects.

The Affordable Homes collection is available in 4 tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each tier provides a unique set of privileges, including access to the MyUSA Local DAO, access to special community-only events, Airdrops, and advance access to future MUL NFT releases.

This collection has been created with accessibility in mind, both in the design of the NFT drop itself, and the end goal of the fundraising campaign. By capping these assets at a widely affordable price range, they emphasize that the goal of their campaign is not to profit, but to improve the world in tangible ways.

When you invest, you will also be given advance notice of new affordable housing developments, the purchase of which can be conducted on the blockchain. MyUSA Local intends this NFT collection to be the crypto equivalent of property ownership, which eventually may be translated into real-world equity.

The Affordable Homes collection is currently partnered with Corner House Financial and the Mastermind Group for the purposes of wealth and property management. These partnerships open the door for tangible asset utility and are a sample of what MyUSA Local intends to turn this project into in the near future.

The NFT collection has also been created to celebrate the future launch of the Affordable Homes Metaverse. This Metaverse space will be used as an educational opportunity, with material focusing on responsible property investment, the realities of home ownership, and other financial tips.

The stigma around blockchain as an environmentally wasteful technology needs to end. Help change the narrative by adding an Affordable Homes NFT to your portfolio.

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