Liti Capital’s Pivot Receives Warm Welcome.

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Liti Capital’s ‘pivot’ to focus exclusively on its equity token receives an even better-than-anticipated reception from its token holders.

Geneva, Switzerland; August 2022: Liti Capital SA, the Swiss-based Litigation Funding specialist pioneering a new business model through the tokenization of its equity, has today provided a performance update following its recent announcement to pivot its focus away from its wLITI (‘wrapped’ LITI) token.

On 1 July 2022, Liti Capital notified its token holders that it would be pivoting its focus away from its wLITI token, and instead placing its efforts entirely on LITI, its highly acclaimed equity token (also referred to as a ‘security token’).

The announcement means that all LITI token holders are now unable to wrap and convert their LITI into wLITI tokens (the deadline for such conversions was 20 July 2022).

The reverse conversion however, (that is, converting wLITI to LITI), remains unaffected, subject to the holder passing the KYC process that buying LITI entails.

The Company Board’s strategic decision to be ‘all things LITI’ acknowledges that the LITI token is the company’s ‘hidden gem’ – yes, that it is the LITI token empowering opportunities and benefits that far surpass those of any other digital asset.

Liti Capital’s unique business model, which provides LITI holders with sizable payouts when assets are realized, is what most excites token holders who grasp the notion of Litigation Funding and who appreciate Liti Capital’s unique and disruptive approach within the sector.

In fact, Liti Capital’s unique business model has been instrumental in determining the action that has been taken by the majority of wLITI holders following the company’s ‘pivot’ announcement…

A large proportion of wLITI holders have converted their token over to LITI.

The current circulating supply of wLITI now represents less than 20%; a huge decrease from two weeks ago when it represented 85%.

This voluntary behavior among Liti Capital token holders demonstrates that they truly understand and appreciate the real value and opportunity of LITI – and of Liti Capital itself.

What’s more is that the overwhelming conversion from the wrapped token to the equity token was made before token holders were informed that Liti Capital has made significant progress in listing its LITI token on Taurus, one of the world’s leading digital asset platforms.

The listing of LITI on Taurus Auction will be at a price that accurately corresponds to the company’s true valuation. Of course, the development of liquidity options will take a little time, but will provide far more appealing solutions than before.

Speaking of the recent ‘pivot’ and the positive reception it has received from current token holders, Andy Christen, Co-founder and CEO of Liti Capital, comments:

“The executive team took time to reflect deeply on Liti Capital’s first year of existence. We considered and evaluated what has worked well and what needed adjusting. Having the opportunity to list one of the first equity-backed tokens in history is a crucial milestone in the company’s development and success”.

“ LITI’s new focus aims to reduce the selling pressure on wLITI, to remove wLITI tokens from the circulating supply, and to increase the price of wLITI whilst reducing the discrepancy in price between LITI and wLITI.

“We have learned a lot by issuing a tradable ‘stock option’ in the form of wLITI. Indeed, it has proved that liquidity can be attractive in the Litigation Funding space – yes, we were able to achieve an average of $18M USD in monthly trading volume.”

There are other facets of Liti Capital and LITI that compelled wLITI holders to convert to LITI without question.

First, LITI token’s underlying asset class is that of Litigation Funding.

Indeed, Litigation Funding consistently outperforms all other asset classes in terms of returns – asset classes including gold, stocks & shares, real estate, and Bitcoin. Also, Litigation Funding has an overall low-to-zero correlation to external financial markets, and is considered countercyclical to them, meaning that the industry often performs better in economic downturns.

Take COVID-19, for instance. According to The Financial Times, the pandemic could potentially provoke an unprecedented rise in claims that are anticipated to linger far beyond 2022.

Of course, Litigation Funding in its own right – as a high-performing and low-risk asset class – is one appealing aspect that investors take into consideration. The second aspect, with an equally important role to play, is underlined by the ability of a Litigation Funding company to operate efficiently, to pioneer, and to deliver outstanding performance in all facets of its business.

And here, once again, Liti Capital ticks all the right boxes.

For example, one of the most important elements to running a successful Litigation Funding company lies in its ability to source and select ‘investable’ legal cases.

In this area, Liti Capital’s ability is, arguably, completely unrivaled by all other Litigation Funding companies.

Liti Capital places significant attention on its portfolio construction and diversification. Through a mixture of human intervention and proprietary AI (artificial intelligence), the company has built an enviable pipeline of legal cases with a total winnable value in excess of $15 billion, spanning several sectors and diverse legal matters. This is, of course, on top of the four cases it has already invested in.


Source: Plato Data Intelligence:

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