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In the VeVe Disney Pixar Pals NFT drop, on March 13th, all digital collectibles were sold out in a matter of minutes to the tune $3.3M. Favorites from Ratatouille, Toy Story, Cars, Monsters, Inc., and others were featured in the drop. Those who missed out on the drop and still wanting to complete their collections will be facing prices five times the launch price on the secondary market.

Lightning McQueen is one of the NFT collectibles that Disney Pixar launched in VeVe.

Disney and Pixar fans flocked to the VeVe app with much excitement on Sunday, as drop day came in with blind boxes. That meant anyone buying a Pal NFT would not know what they’re getting until after they’ve paid successfully.

During the launch on March 13, each blind box cost 60 gems, which is equivalent to $60. Multiplying that by the 54,995 total available NFTs, the collection seems to have earned around $3.3 million.

Collectors had the option to buy as many blind boxes as they could, or purchase known favorites in a secondary market. However, the resale prices are already soaring high. NFT investors looking to flip are making sure they’ll have huge gains. At press time, the cheapest resale price is already at 350 gems or $350. That’s a price increase of 483% in a matter of hours.

With the limited stock of rare and popular NFTs becoming so valuable so quickly, the NFT secondary market is seeing explosive growth. Investors are quick to pick up on this, with secondary market bidding wars becoming the norm and sale prices skyrocketing.

Some Disney Pixar Favorites in the Pals NFT Collection

The Disney Pixar Pals include kids’ favorites such as Woody of Toy Story. Another is Lightning McQueen from the 2006 film, Cars. Meanwhile, any family man would have loved to get The House from the movie, Up.

All these Pixar character NFTs were produced with different rarities. Woody, for example, is a “common” collectible with 13,999 editions. Meanwhile, Edna falls under the “ultra rare” group, with only 6,999 editions available.

To celebrate these and more iconic Pixar characters, the animation studios rendered their NFTs in full color. The Disney Pixar Pals have been minted using the GoChain network, whose devs claim it’s fast and eco-friendly. GoChain is also said to be 100% compatible with Ether and very efficient.

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